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Double Entry Deviants : The Role of your Finance Professional

I have often blamed John Cleese for the perception that accountants are boring, introverted nerds with a total inability to relate to normal people. The words “I’m an accountant “ can elicit a guarded response from people. The words Financial Controller and Finance Director might translate into a slightly better response, but you may still […]

Treat your day like an exam

     If you are like me and have teenagers studying hard for Junior and Leaving Cert, you are very aware of the stress they are under and the challenge of getting as much down on paper as possible in a 3 hour exam. The stress exams cause can often stay with us for years. […]

Vision isn’t fluffy – The 12 Week Year

If you are like me, reading management books is more than tedious. Unless, the almost invincible 6ft 4 Jack Reacher, with a certain set of skills, is taking down a bad guy, I’m not interested. I have discovered that you can listen to books/podcasts in the car and this makes it a lot easier.  My […]

To Be Limited or Not To Be?

    The decision to form a limited company or not when starting in business depends on a number of factors, some of which are; Level of profitability Level of existing income Tax relief Cost and administration If your profits from the new business are going to be more than sufficient for you to live […]

Tesla, Revenue, Company Cars and Baubles

It’s that time of year when new cars are arriving on the road and I wonder how many Electric Vehicles we will see this year. A couple of years ago I went to the local Ford Dealer Gerry Sheridan and told him I was thinking of buying a Fiat 500. Gerry’s response was that I […]